“Cooking with Elvis” opens next week. BOOK NOW!!

Opens 13th October

by Lee Hall

Director: Robert Taylor

appropriately shocking….inappropriately funny

ADULT COMEDY – 16 yrs+

Strong language warning

When an amateur Elvis impersonator is paralyzed in a car crash, his wife and daughter are forced to cope with the aftermath. Jill finds comfort in the kitchen, cooking and eating. Mam finds solace in sex and alcohol. When Mam invites her lover, Stewart, to move in to the family home with her, Jill, Elvis and the pet tortoise, things turn nasty.

Set in Newcastle in the north of England, this is a darkly comic tale about a dysfunctional family and the way they come to terms with tragedy.
Punctuating the play and making it even more bizarre and entertaining are the “Elvis moments”, when Dad breaks out of his wheelchair and performs various Elvis numbers.

The play was first staged at Live Theatre, Newcastle in 1998, and the following year at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it was highly acclaimed. The author, Lee Hall, is best known for the screenplay of the film “Billy Elliot”.

The show is directed by Robert Taylor, responsible for the hugely successful 2015 production of Stephen Berkoff’s “Kvetch” at the Estrela Hall.

Cooking with Elvis offers a provocative look at the wreck and sadness of everyday human lives, whilst enjoying three of the greatest pleasures in the world: SEX, FOOD AND THE KING.

Cast: Elizabeth Bochmann, Amanda Booth, Simon Mount & Eduardo Ribeiro.

13th – 29th October at Estrela Hall
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 21.00 (9 pm)
Sunday Matinee on 23rd October at 16.00 (4 pm)

To book, please go to Reservations and fill in the form.


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