REMINDER – Send in your proposals for the 2017-2018 season by 24th May!

Call for directors’ proposals

for 2017 – 2018 season

The Lisbon Players is now open to written proposals from any potential director whether or not they have worked with us before.

The deadline for written proposals is Wednesday 24th May, 2017. Proposals should be sent to Email with the subject "2017/18 Proposal". Please bear in mind that you may be invited to present your proposal in person at a meeting with the committee a week later, on Sunday 4th June.

While full-length productions will take priority when planning next season’s calendar, we are also looking for other proposals, so if your proposal doesn’t seem to be included in the following list, please do still send it to us:

  1. Full-length productions: 10 performances over 3 weeks
  2. Short productions: 2/3 nights
  3. Rehearsed readings: 2 nights
  4. Workshops: 1 to 4 sessions
  5. Readings/events in foyer: 1 session

Please note that the director is responsible for all aspects of the production. However, there will always be people on hand to advise and help new directors.

This is what we need to know about the play/event and director(s):

1. Name of the play and playwright.
Full-length or one-act? If possible, give a rough estimate of performing time.

2. A short synopsis of the play.
1 or 2 paragraphs.

3. Cast; number of characters.
State gender / age.

4. Set and costume requirements.

5. Any musical requirements.
Specify if possible the instruments / voices. Is it live /recorded? Do you have musicians in mind to play?

6. If it is not a classic or well-known play (or easily accessible) please attach a copy of the play.

7. Will it require rights?
Plays are only out of copyright 70 years after the death of the playwright, and / or if applicable, the translator,
(for 2017, the writer must have died before 1947). (Also see ‘Budget’ below.)
Can you confirm that you know performing rights are available? Yes / No.

8. Dates.
Lisbon Players productions usually last for 3 weeks, and are put on between September and June.
Your availability to rehearse is indispensable, usually at least 6 weeks before Opening night, including audition preparation and meetings with crew members beforehand.
Are there any dates/periods you cannot do, or which would be difficult? Yes / No
If yes, please say here when…….. Are these difficult / impossible?

We have a draft calendar, not fixed, but you can get more information on this by writing to the contact person in our Artistic department, Suresh Nampuri: Email.

9. Please enclose a short statement explaining why you think this play is worth doing, and a little bit about yourself – theatre experience, involvement with LP etc.

10. Have you got a production team (designer, stage manager, etc…) in mind?

11. Draft budget. When compiling a budget you need to consider the following:
i. Production costs – set, props and costumes, bearing in mind that the LP has a large range of flats, curtains, rostra, stairs and costumes.
ii. Performing rights (if applicable): this varies but is usually between €90 and €130 per performance or about 10% of total Box Office takings. Information can be obtained from Samuel French, the Society of Authors or the writer’s agent. Please try to get a quote for rights into your proposal, so this can be considered by the committee when voting on proposals.
iii. Musicals: remember if it’s a musical you’ll probably have to pay for the hire of the score and musical parts.
iv. Printing scripts: to print scripts you should budget at least €100 for a full-length play with a cast of 10 (remember you need scripts for IGAC, designer, stage manager and lighting and sound operators too).
v. Posters, flyers and outside banner. You’ll need a small number of posters and flyers – perhaps 20 posters and 50 flyers. It’s not worth spending a lot of money on printed publicity as the info is far better spread through the social media, the internet and the press. A banner is essential for every production. This alone costs €58. Suggested expenditure €85.
vi. Programmes should be self-financing; in other words sales should cover costs. We suggest a print run of 150/200 programmes of 8 pages A4 at a selling price of €1 or €2. The cost of printing will be around €150.
vii. IGAC costs €58.80. This is a set cost and is required for every production open to the general public.

For guidelines on budget, you can write to Suresh (address above) for information about recent precedents, based on the size of your production, and with information on the set and costume resources available. The budget might be much higher if rights are required.

Budgets need to be planned and agreed with the Committee when the season is planned, but please feel free to talk to us before you send your proposal.

It’s always a good idea to talk to someone who’s directed a play at LP for more information; please feel free to do so. Again the Artistic contact person (Suresh) is a good first source of information.




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