“The Diary of Anne Frank” opens on Thursday!

The Diary of Anne Frank

Opens in 3 days!
by Frances Goodrich & Albert Hackett
Directed by Elizabeth Bochmann
Designed by Miguel S Fernandes and Alexandra Bochmann
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At five-thirty this morning, we closed the door of our apartment behind us. My cat was the only living creature I said goodbye to. The unmade beds, the breakfast things on the table all created the impression wed left in a hurry.

And our destination? Our hiding place, the secret annex, was to be upstairs in fathers office building!

with Gwen Albers, Mick Greer, Joppa Gustaffson, Maria Hasse, Elbieta Kwinta Gomes, Lula Main, Matthew Mason, Ian Mendes, Fouad Nouar, Rui Vasco, Celia Williams and James Williams

14th – 30th June at Estrela Hall
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 21.00 (9pm)
Sunday Matinee on 24th June at 18.00 (6pm)
Book Now!

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